Wanted: HERO STORIES (Of The Special Education Kind)

Wanted: HERO STORIES (Of The Special Education Kind)

SPED teachers are superheroesIn the worst of times, we need to elevate the best in our community.E-Therapy has heard many amazing stories about the challenges that educators face everyday during school closures. We wondered how we could show our admiration for how classroom teachers, special education teachers, therapists, paras, administrators and all the others are overcoming those challenges.In honor of #ThankATeacher Day on May 5th, we decided to launch a new SPED Teacher HERO story sharing!Today we share the news so you will pass it along to all of your friends and communities.https://youtu.be/daLPlls4XMw

Why we want to celebrate your HEROES

The high hopes we all had starting the new decade, quickly turned into a global pandemic. Schools across the nation closed on a dime, and now many of you are working through challenges that you couldn’t foresee when we were toasting the new year.This turn in circumstances made HEROes out of all educators. We are celebrating #ThankATeacher and thought this was the perfect time to share stories of your HEROES.You and your peers, colleagues, and friends have risen up in the spirit of “Above and Beyond” – E-Therapy’s spirit guide – to do the amazing things it takes to make sure every exceptional child and student is getting the support and education they deserve. Children are looking at your actions closely and you are giving them the role models they so desperately need.We want to celebrate YOU – our HERO.

What is a HERO to us?

We are looking for HERO stories from all over the country serving special education. We want to highlight Pre-K to 12th grade special education teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals, directors, and administrators who go above and beyond in their everyday lives towards helping our exceptional students get the support they need during these unprecedented times and beyond.

HOW do you share your HERO stories?

You can simply leave your HERO stories on one of our interactive social media sites. Tag your story #ThankATeacher.

It doesn’t have to be poetic – just honest and as descriptive as you can be. Share anecdotes (only one is asked for, but more than one anecdote are certainly welcome) that will help us to understand why this person is a HERO in your opinion.

  • How is this person going “Above and Beyond”?
  • Have others taken notice?
  • Have they solved a particularly challenging problem?

These are the types of submission stories we are looking for from you and your schools.We can’t wait to hear your HERO stories!{“@context”: “http://schema.org”, “@type”: “VideoObject”, “name”: “HEROES of the Special Education Kind”, “description”: “E-Therapy has heard many amazing stories about the challenges that educators face everyday during school closures. In honor of #ThankATeacher Day on May 5th, we decided to launch a new Teacher HERO Story Sharing Initiative! Simply leave your story on one of our interactive social media sites. Tag your story #ThankATeacher. – Leave your story in the Blog comment section, https://www.electronic-therapy.com/blog/ – Follow us on our E-Therapy Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/ETherapyServices, and leave a story and a picture. – Share it on Twitter, https://twitter.com/etherapyexperts, and tag us @etherapyexperts and use #ThankATeacher.  – Post an Instagram story or on your newsfeed and tag E-Therapy’s Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/etherapyexperts/ – Or you can send it to us in email at social@electronic.therapy.net.”, “thumbnailUrl”: “https://i.ytimg.com/vi/daLPlls4XMw/default.jpg”, “uploadDate”: “2020-04-30T19:21:22.000Z”, “duration”: “PT24S”, “embedUrl”: “shorturl.at/any16”, “interactionCount”: “5”}

Derek Vogel

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