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Become a part of our dedicated team of professional therapists and help PreK-12 students reach their full potential. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Our Mission & Values

At E-Therapy, our mission is to empower individuals of all ages to reach their full potential and highest quality of life.

We are committed to providing exceptional and innovative online therapy services tailored to each individual’s needs. Our passionate and highly trained therapists are dedicated to helping students and educators discover their strengths, find solutions, and live more fulfilling lives.

Why Apply at E-Therapy?


Remote Work Benefits

Enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere, creating your ideal work environment and eliminating the stress of commuting.

Flexible Scheduling

Experience a healthy work-life balance with scheduling options tailored to fit your lifestyle.

Top-Tier Compensation

Benefit from competitive pay rates that reflect your expertise and dedication to our client’s well-being.

Employment Options

Choose from W-2 employee and 1099 contractor positions to accommodate your preferences.

Professional Development

Enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere, creating your ideal work environment and eliminating the stress of commuting.

Diverse Work

Expand your horizons by working with a diverse range of PreK-12 schools and students with unique needs and goals.

Supportive Community

Join a community of like-minded professionals who share your passion for teletherapy and are committed to your success.

Everyone at E-Therapy has a voice.

Expectations & Responsibilities

As a member of our remote workforce, E-Therapy professionals are expected to uphold the following standards:

Camera-ready professionalism

Present themselves in a well-dressed, timely, and professional manner during video sessions, ensuring a positive experience for both students and educators.

Excellent communication skills

Effectively communicate with students, parents, and school staff to facilitate seamless teletherapy sessions and maintain open lines of communication.

License maintenance

Stay up-to-date on all required licenses and certifications in your field, ensuring compliance with professional standards and requirements.

Commitment to professional development

Continuously seek opportunities for growth and development, staying informed about the latest trends and best practices in teletherapy.

Collaboration and Support

Work closely with fellow E-Therapy professionals, fostering a supportive community that shares knowledge, experiences, and resources.

Make a Real Difference with Us

Ready to advance your career while significantly supporting students in the areas where they need it most?

Join our E-Therapy team and immerse yourself in a supportive, team-driven environment where your professional growth is as valued as our students’ achievements. We are more than just a workplace; we are a community of skilled professionals committed to delivering the highest standard of therapeutic care. Ready to take on rewarding challenges and reap the benefits of a role that makes a real impact? We eagerly await your application. Join us, and be part of a journey where every session offers a chance to contribute positively and meaningfully. See Jobs FAQ

Join E-Therapy for the best job for SLPs

Questions? Talk to an E-Therapy expert about your unique needs. We can show you how our electronic therapy platform can work for you.

Derek Vogel

Derek Vogel is a highly experienced and results-driven leader, currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of E-Therapy. With over 15 years of experience in executive leadership, he has a proven track record of driving business growth and success. He is skilled in business development, organizational strategy, and employee engagement and has a reputation for designing effective strategies that have consistently yielded significant increases in revenue and cost savings. He has successfully managed businesses ranging from $10M to $100M+ in annual revenue, and has experience in leading organizations through post-acquisition integration processes. Prior to joining E-Therapy, Derek was the President of AMN Healthcare’s Education Healthcare Staffing business, where he provided on-site and virtual solutions for students in need of therapy services. He is known for mentoring and developing his team members and inspiring a sense of pride and ownership in the collective success of the organization.