Voices: How A High School Senior Helps Kids Graduate

Voices: How A High School Senior Helps Kids Graduate

 high school seniors graduationE-Therapy’s Voices series returns with a guest blogger that has been in the education world for 12 years – as a student! Aden Faris is a high school senior who saw his peers struggling with school work during last year’s school closures and subsequent move to online learning. With a heart for his community and an entrepreneurial spirit, he created a free tutoring platform called DiploGrad that pairs students in need with a tutoring partner.

What DiploGrad means

Diplo means in pairs. For instance, diplo-bacteria are bacterial cells conjoined in pairs. And grad is an abbreviation for graduate or graduating. Put them together and you’ve got “DiploGrad” which means to graduate in pairs.This may not make sense at first, but Aden Faris, a high school senior who recognized a need and created a solution, uses this idea for his program that gives high school students the opportunity to help other high school students and ultimately diplograd.

The creation of DiploGrad

During the peak of Covid-19 last school year, good students were failing classes for the first time. When speaking with these students, Aden heard things such as, “I didn’t understand the instructions” or “I didn’t fully understand the lesson.” When he asked why they didn’t go to the teacher for assistance they said, “I didn’t want the teacher to think I wasn’t paying attention.”In doing research on the best ways for people to learn, Aden discovered that working in pairs was one of the more effective methods. It forces both students to be involved, unlike in larger groups, because they can help each other, catch their mistakes, struggle together, and work through problems they don’t understand. After comprehending and digesting the information, the creation of DiploGrad began.

How DiploGrad works

DiploGrad is a website and mobile app designed as a place for students to meet, learn, and much more. Students will find learning options for all comfort levels:

  • ask questions directly on the forums
  • do their own research
  • learn using resources from a curated resources page
  • message a member directly
  • book a 30-minute zoom meeting with a tutor

Advanced students have the opportunity to become a tutor for others and earn volunteer hours for clubs or college applications.The best part about DiploGrad is it’s completely FREE!

Looking ahead to scholarships

Aden has big plans for DiploGrad. He would like to award scholarships to students who value their education and want to improve the world. To offer these scholarships, the site collects donations, sponsorships, and proceeds from purchased merchandise. It all goes towards the scholarship fund. The goal is to raise $100,000 by the end of the school year to supply plenty of substantial scholarships.Join Or Donate Today!DiploGrad is entirely free. Everything can be accessed with a free sign-up.  Visit DiploGrad.com to see how Aden Faris is making a difference.Follow DiploGrad on Instagram at @official_diplograd

About the Founder

Aden Faris is a senior at Fort Collins High School. He is a member of the math honor society, the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS), a peer counselor for his school, and a board member of the National Honor Society( NHS). He runs cross country, wrestles, rock climbs, work a job, and recently has been designing a website.”I have always been a person who enjoys learning new things and researching obscure hypotheticals,” said Faris. “I love to help my community by mowing lawns and shoveling, and I hope with this website to continue my service.”

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