Teletherapy Software Designed For Special Education Teams

Teletherapy Software Designed For Special Education Teams

Teletherapy Software Designed for YOU: Special Education Director Administrator, Therapist, Student and Caregiver

By Diana Parafiniuk

special education team at schoolWhen we started E-Therapy, there was no software program that fit our student service tracking needs for serving our school partners. This is why we decided to develop our own teletherapy solution. We created a solution that was tailored to online therapy for special education – with a therapist’s day to day work life in mind. Eleven years later, we have a proven and tested platform, designed specifically for the needs of the professionals in the world of special education.

E-Therapy’s Teletherapy Platform has views for each member of the IEP team

We built our optimized teletherapy solution from the user’s point of view.What does this mean?Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and teletherapy platforms have several eyes to keep in mind. E-Therapy’s platform is designed to work for all members of the student’s IEP team. Special education directors and teachers, administrators, students, and therapists all depend on the platform to address their needs. So we built different user views and access points.For example, if you are a special education director who needs to pull IEP reports or track sessions completed, you have those tools at your fingertips.Here are some of the various features built into our teletherapy platform specifically for the people who are using it.

A view for special educators

Special educators have complete control of how data is viewed as well as how reports are organized. This allows SPEDs to see the whole picture of their student’s progress, plus track real-time session data based on their student’s service needs. Some of the things a special educator can do:

  • View data in the format of your choice including charts and graphs
  • Pull and share clinical data reports that support IEP goals
  • Track individual student’s progress and therapist data notes in real-time
  • Communicate via the platform’s direct instant message system with therapists or administrators and share the information securely and easily
  • Individualized student profile to manage student progress towards goals
  • View student’s private, encrypted, and secure online therapy room portal entry
  • Track therapy session attendance

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A view for administrators

If you are an administrator planning your budget or pulling an invoice, you have your own administrator view. You can pull these documents quickly and easily with the click of the keyboard.If you are in need of a bird’s eye view to see all your students data at a glance, we have that too.Need to get next year’s budget organized? Our teletherapy solution can help! It offers quick and comprehensive invoicing, so you always know where your budget spend is and what is remaining for upcoming service needs.

A view for therapists

Therapists are on the teletherapy platform daily, so their view is particularly important. Here are a few key features they will use constantly:

  • Quick, easy online therapy room connection to meet with their students
  • Manage schedule or make changes to a scheduled session throughout the day
  • Access insightful tutorial videos from E-Therapy staff therapists and resources throughout for therapy guidance
  • Access school specific guidelines and report templates – no need to spend precious time searching for them
  • Securely share documents and messages directly to school admin
  • Send student documents in a HIPAA compliant way- so no need to worry about password protecting email attachments
  • Use instant messaging to connect easily and securely with SPEDs to share progress or identify opportunities for additional student progress

A view for students

Students have their own view. Each student logs into their private student portal using their individual credentials. Their own dedicated therapy room is secure and private. They see the same therapist, who works with them throughout the school year.Once logged in, and the session has started, the platform puts the controls and communication tools directly in their hands. Students quickly engage in dynamic and fun activities that target their therapy goals.An easy, flexible, real-time user interface is key, so that students experience positive sessions and want to attend therapy each and every time.

A view for caregivers/parents

Families/caregivers are key stakeholders in the therapy process. We designed our online therapy platform with them in mind as well. The log in process is incredibly streamlined and user-friendly for caregivers who support teletherapy students. The platform guides them through the login process and provides direct access to their therapist if they need any assistance.They can see the frequency of visits, progress towards goals, and contact information for their team of therapists. Because our platform provides a HIPAA compliant online therapy experience, caregivers can rest assured their student’s sessions are private and secure.

Let’s talk about how E-Therapy’s Teletherapy Solution can work for your school’s special education

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Derek Vogel

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