Teletherapy Activities: September 2021

Teletherapy Activities: September 2021

It’s here! Back to School time has arrived! Just in time for the new year, we bring you another month filled with all new E-Therapy original activities. Keep reading to unlock your September FREEBIE resources and materials. 

September Calendar of Activities

By now, you’ve probably heard about our monthly national day calendars which are jam packed with daily activities that you can use to engage your students in both remote and in-person school settings. Our September calendar is no different and features fun days such as National Cheese Pizza Day (yum!) and National Talk Like a Pirate Day (Argh Matey!). Don’t miss downloading your copy today. 


Fall Dress Up Pets! Jamboard Activity

Dress Up Pets are back! Dress up Cat, Puppy, and Sloth to go to the library, apple orchard, and playground. Our E-Therapy Fall Dress Up Pets! drag and drop Jamboard activity promotes expressive language skills and can be used for teletherapy and onsite settings.  

Fall and Happy Birthday! Virtual Sticker Scenes

We’re giving you double the fun this September with not just one, but two virtual sticker scenes. Up first is our Fall-Themed Sticker Scene which takes you to a farm. There you and your students can use the Jamboard drag and drop feature to rake leaves, pick apples, visit the sunflower patch, and much more. Our second sticker scene can be used all school year long to celebrate student birthdays in your therapy sessions. Be sure to grab your copy of our Happy Birthday! Sticker Scene to allow your students to target various speech and language goals while creating their very own party scene.  

Fall Jamboard Games for Words with Multiple Meanings

E-Therapy is giving you access to more Jamboard game boards that target multiple meaning words. These new fall-themed boards even have moveable game pieces! Additional game boards can be customized using Jamboard’s annotation tools. Also included are low ink printable versions of the game boards perfect for home practice. Grab your Fall Jamboard Games for Words with Multiple Meanings today!  

Daily Digital Planner: September 2021

Oh my goodness! You’ve hit the jackpot here with our Daily Digital Planner release! This digital planner is a large hyperlinked PDF that can be used with your computer or tablet. Sections include Yearly Calendar, September 2021 Calendar, Daily Task Reminders, Lesson Plans, and Resources. Tabs and buttons appear throughout the calendar for quick navigation between sections and daily note pages. This is a must see resource and make sure you check back in October for next month’s planner update.  

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