Teletherapy Activities And Calendar: August 2021

Teletherapy Activities And Calendar: August 2021

free activities for SLPs Summer is flying by and back-to-school pre-planning is just around the corner for many.  Here at E-Therapy, our experienced SLPs have been busy creating back-to-school teletherapy activities to fill your August lesson plans and to help you feel well-prepared as you transition back from summer break. Check out our new Resource Library for free games, activities, and calendars. And get your FREE August activities below designed to start your school year off on the right foot.

August Calendar of Activities

If you haven’t yet tried out our E-Therapy national day calendars, don’t wait any longer! We’ve compiled all the very best of August national days and have linked each day to a website or activity that you can use to interact with and engage your students. Download your August National Day calendar copy today so you don’t miss all the fun we have in store on National S’mores Day and National Dog Day just to name a few. August Bitmoji Teletherapy Activity Calendar

Back to School Jamboard Puzzles 

Drag and drop puzzle pieces into a square to create a back-to-school theme scene or image. Double check—are the pieces in the right spots? What did you make a picture of? What do you notice? Our E-Therapy Back to School Jamboard Puzzles are most appropriate for students in 2nd through 4th grade and are great open-ended activities to promote receptive and expressive language skills and articulation carryover. The puzzles can be used in teletherapy and with iPads using the Jamboard app.Back to School Jamboard Puzzles

Back-to-School Virtual Sticker Scenes

Just in time to head to school, we created a new set of our E-Therapy Sticker Scenes: Back-to-School edition. Our Jamboard sticker scenes allow versatility by using the drag and drop feature to move “stickers” around the scene. When using these virtual scenes, therapists can easily share mouse control with students via remote access offered  in many teletherapy platforms or the therapist can maintain mouse control while encouraging students to use expressive skills. This month we bring you three fun back-to-school options including an outside school scene, an inside the classroom scene, and a remote learner environment. Grab your free copy of back-to-school virtual sticker scenes from our Resources Library!E-Therapy Sticker Scenes: Back to School edition 

Jamboard Games for Multiple Meaning Words: Back-to-School Theme

Jamboard is a great format for both teletherapy and onsite session activities. Images of game boards can be embedded into the backgrounds of the Jamboard frames. When images of game pieces are added, they can easily be moved around the boards during screen sharing and when using the Jamboard app on the iPad. Be sure to check out our cool Back to School Themed Multiple Meaning Word Jamboard game in the Resources Library. Multiple Meaning Words Jamboard Game

BONUS: Printable Lesson Plan Templates

Sometimes using printable lesson plans is the way to go. Just because paper and pencil may feel “old school” doesn’t mean it is any less efficient or effective. E-Therapy’s Printable Lesson Plan Templates  were designed with speech therapy and teletherapy in mind and offer forms not just for lesson planning, but also for session tracking and student responses. Take a peek and see if these templates might be just what you’re looking for to kick off the school year! 

Get monthly teletherapy activities to use in your online therapy sessions 

Check out our Resources Library and monthly Teletherapy Activities for even more fun online games and activities that can easily be used in your online teletherapy sessions. 

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