Social Emotional Learning Lays the Groundwork for Success in Life.

Social Emotional Learning Lays the Groundwork for Success in Life.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an important focus for today’s educators to help develop life, social, and career skills which impacts all aspects of a child’s life. Developing these skills in students, families, teachers, and the entire surrounding community benefits everyone. 

A Critical Component in the Classroom

Social emotional learning is a critical component of school readiness and later academic and social success. Did you know that high-quality interactions play an essential role in supporting children’s SEL learning? A child’s ability to understand and be in control of their emotions lays the groundwork for their success in the classroom and later in life. This includes actions like feeling empathy, having a sense of identity, building relationships with friends and family, and having flexible thinking. Emotional regulation, stress management, and relationship-building are things that adults use in everyday work and life.

What are the Benefits for Teachers beyond the Classroom?

One could conclude that there are many benefits to teaching SEL to students, but the benefits for teachers should not be underestimated. How does SEL benefit teachers exactly? As teachers deliver SEL lessons, they are witnessing positive change and positive outcomes with their students. These lessons focus on skills and competencies resulting in serious personal and academic growth for students and the teachers who are also learning these skills as they teach them!

It’s estimated between 40–50% of new teachers leave the profession within their first five years of teaching. Many say they lose their passion for teaching because they feel undervalued, overworked, and underpaid.

The pressure of having to boost test results to meet achievement benchmarks, feeling unsupported, struggling with technology and behavior problems in the classroom can have a challenging impact on their mental health and wellbeing. That’s why E-Therapy created our new mental health wellness platform eQUIP to support our educational partners. With easy-to-use modules, packed with short videos and resources, everyone can begin using immediately. “Over the last 3 years we have seen an increase for mental health support not only for students but for staff educators. We know that adult SEL is just as important as the student’s SEL. Our eQUIP wellness platform provides positive mental health strategies for teachers/educators and offers up resources that educators can bring back into their classrooms. When a teacher’s mental health needs are met, they then can build healthy environments for their students, which in turn, creates long lasting academic and social emotional success”.

A Mental Health Platform for Emotional Learning Support

As the leader in teletherapy and Edtech, E-Therapy has elevated the delivery of speech/language, occupational, physical therapy, Mental Health Teletherapy and psycho-educational assessments for schools. We are doing this through an innovative and creative approach that delivers fresh, engaging, and motivating sessions. eQUIP is a comprehensive platform that gives educators tools that help them manage stress before it takes hold. Learning to tune-in to their emotions, identify their triggers and learn coping strategies to reduce the risk of becoming overwhelmed. Our platform is designed to bring self-awareness to help teachers prioritize, make positive choices, and recognize when they’re reaching their limits. Whether it’s group wellness sessions, individual “go at your own pace” module learning, and series sessions, the whole school community is supported. There is a component of self-care and overall wellness to support teachers to reach their full potential. A healthy classroom makes teachers want to teach and children learn more.

To learn more about eQUIP and how we are supporting Social Emotional Learning in the classroom, visit us at to schedule a live demo.


Derek Vogel

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