Social and Emotional Learning in 2020

Social and Emotional Learning in 2020

Learning today is so much more than mastering algebra or understanding the causes of the Civil War.  Learning also includes teaching students valuable skills, both educational and social, that will last their lifetime and produce well functioning adults. The modern belief that we need to incorporate social and emotional learning into our everyday teachings has never been more true. Kids are not only dealing with the isolation of the pandemic and being away from their peers and friends, but they also feel the results of racial inequality, riots and protests, and political unrest, just to name a few.  According to the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL),

“SEL is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.”

In 2018, Roisin Corcoran of Johns Hopkins University and her colleagues reviewed 40 studies that evaluated the effects of school based SEL practices and programs for students Pre-K to 12th grade.  They found that students who received SEL interventions performed significantly better in reading, math and science than their peers without these experiences.  This is both a profound and empowering finding and one that we should all remember when educating our leaders of tomorrow.

How do we accomplish social and emotional learning during a pandemic that has completely changed the world we live in?

“It’s a daunting reality, no question, but the worst thing we can do for our teachers, students and families is to de-prioritize SEL during the pandemic,” says Christina Cipriano – Director of Research at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. “It is next to impossible to expect teaching and learning to occur in a crisis without attending to our emotions.”

E-Therapy has online Mental Health Clinicians

Here at E-Therapy, we have Mental Health Clinicians that can help!  We are the teletherapy experts, and have been doing teletherapy for more than 11 years.  Our counselors and mental health professionals understand the importance of social and emotional learning in the classroom, especially now. Our clinicians are well versed in virtual learning and have thousands of activities and resources available to them to assist in making their sessions more engaging in a disconnected world. Especially in light of budget cuts and staff not feeling comfortable coming on campus, utilizing our E-Therapy teletherapists can be the right move!

Our Partner PESI hosts mental health summit August 5-6

Our partner, PESI, is hosting the largest kids and teen focused 2-Day Live Summit on August 5-6.  “Child & Adolescent Mental Health in an Uncertain Time: Reintegration Strategies for Classroom and Community” has 12 industry experts who will be sharing strategies for talking with kids and teens about the traumatic nature of these uncertain times.  The summit is for anyone who is working with, educating, or connecting with children/teens right now.  As we all look to the future, these children will rely on all of you to help them reintegrate back to some semblance of normalcy. It will be you they turn to for a connection, emotional and academic support as well as guidance. You can also earn up to 34 CEU hours!Register for the summit.E-Therapy and PESI are here to take some of the burden away.  Let us help you!Call anytime to talk about your needs.

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