September 2022 Activities & Calendar

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 September represents a month of change. Summer is ending and autumn is just around the corner. Break has ended and the new school year is in full swing. While all this change can be exciting, we know it can be stressful, too, and to help ease your stress in this month of change, we bring you all new, all fresh, and all FREE resources to help you support the needs of your students.  

Emotions Bingo

 Use E-Therapy’s interactive Emotions Bingo activity in remote or in-person sessions. This activity is perfect to target emotions identification and can also be used to facilitate discussion on sharing situations that elicit specific emotions. The Emotions Bingo cards can be printed for in-person use or screen shared to use along with annotation features in a teletherapy platform. 5 unique cards are included, so grab this fun activity today and have your students shouting B-I-N-G-O in no time! 

Emotions Movement Break Acrostics

 While E-Therapy’s Emotions Movement Break Acrostics were created with physical therapy sessions in mind, any teacher or therapist can find value in this activity. Each emotion is illustrated in an acrostic format with motor movements to target each letter of the emotion word. The acrostics also pair well with discussion on ways our bodies move when we feel certain emotions. Let you students move and grove to feelings of HAPPY, SAD, SURPRISED, ANGRY, and CONTENT in this fun and engaging activity.  

Emotions Word Search

 E-Therapy’s Emotions Word Search  can be printed or screenshared for use in multiple therapy settings. Suggested therapy uses for this activity include use in mental health and counseling sessions to target feelings and emotions, use in occupational therapy sessions to target fine motor skills and visual perception and coordination, and use in speech therapy to target articulation, language, and social skills. So many uses in just one activity! Be sure to snag your copy today.  

Self-Improvement: Work Habits

 What better way to start off the school year than with a daily activity that allows students to self-assess their work habits and to see improvement in those habits as the year progresses. E-Therapy’s Self-Improvement: Work Habits self-assessment sheets are available in PDF and Jamboard format and offer a daily and weekly checklist option.  Self-Improvement: Work Habits PDF  and  Self-Improvement: Work Habits Jamboard sheets are perfect for occupational therapy sessions or even as a classroom management tool for all students.  

Self-Care SMART Goal Setting

 E-Therapy’s Self-Care SMART Goal Setting activity was designed to help your students identify areas they can target for improving their self-care and doing so in a SMART goal way, making sure that the goal is measurable and achievable. This activity is ideal for counseling and mental health sessions or for helping all students recognize and address their own self-care needs. 

Let’s Fill the Backpack!

 Let’s Fill the Backpack is an interactive activity allowing students to move items into a backpack. This activity includes various items you would take to school on your first day. Ask the student to name the items on the screen as well as list additional items not shown to expand vocabulary. The clinician can also ask the student to group the items (to address categorization) or name items of a category having the student label the group. Have fun filling your backpack!   

Jumping in the Leaves Activity

 Jumping in the Leaves Game is an activity that is almost as fun as jumping in a pile of leaves! As you roll the die and move around the gameboard, generate sentences using specific adjectives. For older students, have them describe things specific to fall using the provided adjectives or generate your own. Most importantly, have fun!

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