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 Tis the season – back to school season that is!  We’ve spent the summer months creating a wide variety of resources and materials to get your school year off to a smooth start. So sit back, relax, and enjoy those last few days of summer because E-Therapy has your back to school needs covered!  Our Back to School Spot the Difference activity can be used in all therapy settings to target a variety of OT and speech therapy goals. In a remote setting, screenshare the activity from Jamboard. While sharing in Jamboard, use the shape tool to circle the student’s responses or if your teletherapy platform allows, share remote keyboard access and allow your students to circle their responses using the shape tool. In a brick and mortar setting, print paper copies of the activity and complete with your students during their  therapy session or share from a computer or iPad. Use the answer key provided to double check that your students found all 10 differences. 

  A new school year and a new beginning – E-Therapy’s New Beginnings Flower activity uses a root, stem, and petal representation to prompt students to think about the resources, goals, and positive affirmations they’re starting off with this year. This PDF worksheet activity can be screenshared for remote sessions or printed in gray-scale for on-site use. 

 Designed with physical therapy sessions in mind, but truly versatile enough to use for any therapy or classroom movement break, E-Therapy’s  Back to School Movement Break Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to incorporate movement and specific gross motor skills into exploring specific locations around the school building. Simply print the scavenger hunt worksheet so your students can move and groove to find 8 popular locations around the school building. 

 Target visual scanning and visual perception skills  in your occupational therapy sessions with these Back to School I Spy sheets. Our worksheet packet offers 3 levels of difficulty with 4, 6, and 15 objects per page. Grab your copy today! 

 E-Therapy’s Back to School Word Search can be printed or screenshared for use in multiple therapy settings. This versatile activity can be used to target visual perception in OT sessions or vocabulary in speech therapy sessions. All words have a back to school theme making this the perfect activity for those first few sessions of the school year.    Our PowerPoint memory games are always a hit, so we created one with a back to school theme.  Back to School Memory is designed to be an open ended activity that could be used for a variety of therapies and goals. This PowerPoint activity does require you to share your screen with students during teletherapy sessions or can also be used onsite with an iPad and the PowerPoint app.  

 This month we bring you not just one, but two resources addressing feelings that can work together as companion activities. First up is our  Feelings Identification PowerPoint activity. For this activity, the student is presented with a back to school scenario with 3 choices for an associated feeling. The second activity is a Feelings Identification Match Worksheet with both picture and word matching options. Get your copies of these back to school feelings activities today!

  Last summer, we launched the E-Therapy Back to School Hub to make sure therapists were prepared with tools and resources to help transition into the new school year. If you’ve never visited the hub before or if you haven’t visited in awhile, be sure to stop by and check out all the great resources and tutorial videos. A quick recap of what’s available to you:   Getting Started: Student Interest Questionnaire – This PDF information sheet can be used as a phone conference guide during the initial phone conference for online therapy or can be sent home for a caregiver to complete in a brick and mortar setting.Caseload and Schedule Templates – Use the printable charts for initial caseload setup, scheduling, and session planning.   Initial Sessions:All About Me – These Google Sheets are to be used in the first 1-2 sessions of the school year, but can be used through the year when a new student is added to your caseload. Separate All About Me sheets for Pre-K-elementary and secondary are included, as well as a goal setting sheet. Welcome to Speech – Use one of 4 customizable templates created for Google Slides as a welcome to your online therapy sessions and as a fun and engaging way to introduce yourself to your students. Beyond the First Week:Rewards Sheets – Use E-Therapy’s Jamboard Sticker Reward Charts in remote or brick and mortar therapy sessions with a variety of chart options and stickers available. Students can select their favorite chart and stickers and even have the option to add an image for the reward they’re working towards. Session Landing Pages – These versatile landing pages will be a staple in your therapy sessions to provide a visual overview of the daily therapy schedule. Customizable options are included.  Home/School Communication Tool – This Google Sheets tool is a great resource for therapist to caregiver and caregiver to therapist communication in an online or brick and mortar setting. Full instructions are provided for how to use this tool effectively with your entire caseload. Home Practice Bitmoji RoomA spin on the E-Therapy virtual Bitmoji classrooms, this virtual home practice room has been pre-loaded with general website links that can be used  for a wide range of ages and to target a large variety of therapy goals. Update the links as often as you like for the needs of your students.  

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