Free Wordless Picture Books Activities And Bitmoji Room

Free Wordless Picture Books Activities And Bitmoji Room

free wordless books activities and bitmoji room from E-TherapyE-Therapy has you covered for ELA, Speech & Language, and SEL activities for Reading Month! If you have never used wordless picture books for either virtual or onsite instruction, check out our brand new comprehensive lesson unit with a free bitmoji room about the author, Bill Thomson.His gorgeous picture books, Fossil, The Typewriter, and Chalk are ideal for teaching and practicing higher level thinking skills, comprehension strategies, learning about point of view, and reading like a writer. Bill Thomson Author Study Unit includes free wordless picture books activities made especially for Reading Month! Get your virtual room in Google Slides and a 21-page Bill Thomson Author Study Activity Guide (PDF) which walks you through a multitude of engaing activities to share with students via teletherapy or virtual classrooms.The pages in the activity guide provide ELA, Speech & Language, and SEL activities that connect to each of the 17 links in the Bill Thomson Virtual Room. These lessons are appropriate for second through middle school but may also be appropriate for other age groups depending on how the resources are used.The Bill Thomson Author Study Unit includes links that address multiple instructional goals including the following:ELA and Speech & Language

  • Description skills
  • Oral discussion and turn-taking
  • Verbal and written story re-telling
  • Comprehension strategies
    • Asking and answering WH-Questions
    • Connections between books and characters
    • Identifying text organization
  • Higher Level thinking skills
    • Making inferences and responding to inferential questions
    • Synthesizing and identifying possible themes
  • Point of View
  • Compare and contrast
  • Sequencing
  • Using text to show evidence or back up thinking


  • Using facial expressions and body language to predict or infer character feelings.
  • Discuss how characters respond to stressful, unpredictable, or surprising situations.
  • Using drawing and doodling as grounding activities.
  • Practice active listening.
  • Describing or sharing personal experiences that compare or contrast with characters.
  • Practice empathy by taking the perspective of characters.
  • Creating verbal and written messages of caring
  • Pet therapy and pet discussions
  • Using sounds, music, and visual arts for relaxation and reducing stress.
  • Gratitude journaling
  • Yoga and meditation

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