Online Therapy Activity Round-Up: January 2020

Online Therapy Activity Round-Up: January 2020

child at computer keyboardUpdated: April 2020The seven million students who received special education services at school, from speech therapy to physical therapy to occupational therapy, are now at home. Their therapists have likely not been trained specifically in teletherapy. Thankfully, many on-site therapists are training with teletherapy companies like ours to learn how to deliver those services online, and are quickly getting up to speed.  Parents, more than ever, are being called upon to help maintain those services.Wading through the sea of available resources is overwhelming, so we took on the work for you and curated a list of tried-and-true resources that our teletherapists use in their lessons.Download a PDF version of our Online Resources Guide:      

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Additionally, to help make this transition easier, we are offering a license for our platform with a free 7 day trial period, so you know exactly what the solution offers and how well it works before you sign up for a long term option.schedule a demo etherapy  Ready for some fun, intentional online speech therapy games for this new year?  Check out these interesting and engaging teletherapy activities that are perfect any time of year.

Incorporate fun stories and videos into your online speech therapy sessions this year!

Lions and Tigers and Bear, Oh My!Do your students love animals and interesting facts? Yes! Then head on over to the site, Kids National Geographic, for your teletherapy sessions! National Geographic provides a variety of online games and videos that you can incorporate into your sessions to keep students engaged while targeting descriptive language and vocabulary, or simply as an opportunity for great conversation. Our SLPS have had great success with these games with online speech therapy students. Check them out!Let’s get SocialWe love using social stories or personalized teaching stories with students in teletherapy.? It’s an especially useful tool for our students on the Autism Spectrum. Social stories are an excellent way to target social skills, and a great method to help caregivers address goals outside of the therapy session. Don’t have time to create your own social story from scratch? No problem! The site Autism Speaks offers personalized story templates that you can easily individualize for your particular student. Check it out!Add some winter-weather to your therapy activities!Looking for some great seasonal activities? ABCya has winter themed therapy games and activities; many of which you can access for free. They are fantastic for working a variety of goals, including spatial concepts, following directions, and even visual motor skills. ABCya is a great site to use with younger students, and they have many activities that incorporate a seasonal theme.However, we love this snowball game for all ages! 100 snowballs game from ABCya Happy New Year!Check out our December and November Activity Round-up for more fun games and activities that can easily be used in your online speech therapy sessions.

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