Online Speech Therapy Activity Round-Up: June 2020

Online Speech Therapy Activity Round-Up: June 2020

parent helping girl on laptopThis month we are reflecting on the positive side of things.  In that spirit we have dug deep into our online speech therapy activity bag and pulled out some of our favorite teletherapy finds of the past semester. You will definitely want to add these to your online therapy toolkit!

Our favorite videos 

There are a LOT of fantastic videos out there that you can incorporate into your teletherapy sessions, but one of our favorites is Wonder Grove Kids.  If you are looking for a dynamic way to teach your students important social skills and how to get along with others, then look no further. Check out the Wonder Grove Kids YouTube Channel.  It is chock full of great learning videos for young students.  They even have a recent video to help kids cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most interesting speech therapy activity find

Attention SLP Teletherapists! Have you seen this speech perception site? It’s a great teletherapy activity to help students discriminate between correct and incorrect speech productions. Be warned! This activity is challenging, but that is part of why we love it! Choose from a list of target sounds, then you and your student can listen to various voices produce the phoneme at the word level and discern if the sound was produced correctly. E-Therapist Tip: This site works best when using Chrome as your browser. Speech Perception Training

Fave site for older students

Looking for some captivating and educational online activities for adolescents and teens?  Check out DOGO News! This site offers engaging articles and videos about current events and interesting topics. E-Therapists can use the articles during online speech therapy activities to target speech and language goals, fine motor skills for written language activities related to the articles, or just to spark conversation!  

Online coloring pages…need we say more?

These interactive online coloring activities made by Disney are really easy to incorporate into teletherapy sessions. Simply give the student control of the mouse so that they can click to “color” the pages. It’s a simple and effective way to keep students motivated and engaged throughout their online sessions. Plus it features popular Disney characters that young students love!  Check out our May, April, and March Activity Round-ups for more fun games and activities that can easily be used in your online therapy sessions.

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