Online Speech Therapy Activity Round-Up: July 2020

Online Speech Therapy Activity Round-Up: July 2020

masked child with stuffed toysWe love sharing our teletherapist’s tips, tricks, and speech therapy activity ideas with you each week on our E-Therapy Facebook page.  Here we have a round-up of our favorite summer time activities for the month of July.  These ideas are sure to keep kids active and learning all summer long!  

Moo, Quack, Baa!

Get your kiddos moving and learning with a stuffed animal obstacle course this summer! This is a great activity that teletherapists can share with parents for home practice, or for use with your own children on a rainy summer day. Use this activity to help your student practice gross motor and language skills. They can weave in and out of the stuffed animals, bend down to touch them, hop on one foot to reach the next, and practice naming, describing, or categorizing the animals as you go. Individualize it for your particular child and their needs!

Have you heard about Mud Kitchens?

They are all the rage for outdoor kid play this summer!  This DIY project shows you how to create your own simple and free mud kitchen right in your backyard. This is an engaging activity to help children develop sensory and fine motor skills. Plus, anything that encourages kids to play outside and stay active is a win!  Check out this easy mud kitchen and many other summer activity ideas on the Busy Toddler blog

Our Therapists LOVE This Site!

Many of our E-Therapists love to use the site in their online teletherapy sessions with students. AND they have a ton of summer learning activities that are perfect for therapists to assign as home practice, and for parents to use to keep kids engaged in a positive way all summer long! has a paid option, but there are many awesome resources available in the free version. It is chock full of activities to address speech and language development, attention, fine motor skills, and more!

Take a (Virtual) Field Trip  

Looking for a change of scenery?  Why not take the kids on a virtual field trip to a national park! The National Park Service offers stunning 360 degree photos of virtual hikes, rafting trips, and archeology tours. This is a dynamic on-screen activity to use with teletherapy students, or for use with your own family on a rainy (or too hot) summer afternoon.  Experience a National Park from your couch!Share these virtual experiences with your students and inspire them to describe the locations you see, learn new vocabulary, write a trip itinerary, or create a story about a fictional visit to the location. We love that this speech therapy activity works well for a wide age range, even those hard to motivate teenage students. 🙂

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