Online Speech Therapy Activities For A Strong Start In 2021

Online Speech Therapy Activities For A Strong Start In 2021

 happy E-therapist with laptopCertainly, this school year has had some challenging moments, and there is no doubt that there are more to come. However, it is in everyone’s best interest to look ahead at the learning moments we can create, in order to help our students succeed – whether in person or learning online. With that in mind, we have some suggestions for online speech therapy activities based on what our very own E-Therapists use in their sessions. Our most trusted resources are easy to use and help provide that extra fun in order to make the day brighter. Our therapists not only enjoy these resources, they highly recommend them not just for therapy sessions, but for free time play. 

Bitmoji Classrooms

Yes, that’s right! We built our own Bitmoji classrooms! They are packed with color, images, and full-of-fun learning techniques. Every season and holiday we upload new templates that are chock-full of interactive games, links, and practical learning solutions. These classrooms are sure to keep your students attention while learning is full steam ahead.

Bitmoji Classrooms for SLPs

We have new, interactive articulation therapy templates for your online speech therapy sessions. This is a must-have for SLP E-Therapists! We have several templates available and more to come. These bitmoji room templates are fully customizable, so you can change the links and images to suit your students. You can also use these when having a 1:1 parent session to discuss the learning goals for that particular student. Have fun and create away! Click here for complete, free access to all E-Therapy’s bitmoji classrooms: a quick tutorial on how to make your own bitmoji classrooms or edit ours:


What a fun, creative name for an educational source that promotes playfulness in young children. Owlieboo is a website that teaches a child to use a mouse by playing games that promote learning. Video, games, and online coloring promotes children’s creativity and learning, including reinforcement for fine motor tasks. For this reason, our E-Therapists use this site regularly during their sessions with students. And they have an app! For endless hours of learning and fun, check them out here:

Boom Cards

Our therapists and teachers and parents all over the U.S. recommend Boom Cards.  Boom Cards are interactive lessons that are created by teachers in a gamified way. Features that are close to gaming keep the students engaged and wanting to play more. Since they are self-grading there is no need to spend extra time on seeing how the student is doing. The data that you need for your session is right in front of you and saves time from grading each session. And, they come in various languages. To get started click here:

Mommy Speech Therapy 

This website is loaded and we mean loaded with online speech therapy activities for your sessions. From articulation, speech structure, fluency, and literacy, and much more, these videos, articles, activities, and stickers provide hours of learning fun. SLP, Maegan Duplantis, recommends Mommy Speech Therapy. She says, “I use this site a lot! I like to have the students make up silly stories using the story structure cue cards and story organizer activity. It’s great to use for articulation, as well as semantics, syntax, and even pragmatics.”

Tiny Tap 

Tiny Tap website lets you to choose your student’s age for a host of online therapy games and interactive lessons. There is an option for a free membership or a small fee to upgrade your membership for full access. The possibilities are endless with subjects in math, science, foreign language, social studies, and more. Online speech therapy even has its own section! The website was created to help with personalized education in mind. Given the right tools, students can learn and grow. Our staff loves Tiny Tap! Check them out here:

Get more resources

We hope you love our selections of online speech therapy activities and websites to help your students with their therapy sessions. These are key trusted sites, because our therapists know they work, . They are engaging, fun, and most importantly the students learn and grow. We have many more resources and helpful tools that you can use, just visit the Teletherapy Activities section of the Empower Blog for these resources. 

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