Online Resource Guide for Therapists and Parents

Online Resource Guide for Therapists and Parents

mother and child onlineThe internet is awash with free educational resources, activities and other digital materials for teachers, parents, and students now that most of us are sheltering in place and away from our schools. The generosity of companies has been astounding, but it can also be overwhelming filtering through it all.Seven million students receive special education services at school, from speech therapy, to physical therapy, to occupational therapy, and now parents are being called upon to help maintain those services. Thankfully, many on-site therapists are training with teletherapy companies like ours to learn how to deliver those services online.Wading through the sea of available resources would take forever, so we took on the work for you and curated a list of tried-and-true resources that our teletherapists use in their lessons.Download a PDF version:


Speech Therapy Resources

American Speech-Language-Hearing AssociationIncludes information on roles and responsibilities in the field of Telepractice with sections onlicensure, technology, privacy and security, etc.Phonetics: The Sounds of American EnglishThis site provides a description of speech sounds according to manner and placementof articulation.Boom CardsUse this site to create individualized online picture cards for free or you can choose topurchase pre-made card activities for a small fee.MiroMiro is an interactive online white board. You can sign up for the free version to createtherapy activities that are individualized for your particular student’s needs.Speaking of SpeechContains a variety of speech therapy materials that can be downloaded for free.Mommy Speech TherapyThis site includes charts, resources, and picture word lists at the word to sentence level.Home Speech HomeProvides a variety of speech therapy resources and activity ideas as well as articulation listsat the word, sentence, and paragraph level.ABCYaThis site contains a host of speech and language activities for students Pre-K through5th grade.IXL Language ArtsThis site offers a host of language materials that correspond to common core learningobjectives. The materials are organized by grade level and include many activitiesappropriate for older students. Use the search function on the site to find activities by topicor view by grade level.Education.comProvides various games and activities to target phonological awareness and languageconcepts, including: letter sound relationships, segmenting, blending, grammar, contextclues, reading comprehension, etc. *Requires sign up to access materials.Testy Yet TryingProvides free articulation materials including picture cards, sentence lists, simple articulationactivities, and printable homework materials that are geared toward pre-k to elementarystudents.Miss Lanes SLP MaterialsThis SLP blog provides a variety of free worksheets, flash cards, and activities for speechtherapy that can be utilized during therapy sessions or provided for homework practice.IEP Goal BankIncludes examples of various IEP goals and objectives organized by content area.

Occupational and Physical Therapy Resources

Writing SMART GoalsProvides guidance on how to write measurable OT goals for school-based therapy, includinginformation on relating goals to Common Core standards.OT Toolkit IdeasThis article provides OT toolkit examples, with ideas on how to individualize the items toaddress each student’s particular areas of need.Therapy Street for KidsIncludes descriptions of various OT skills and recommended activities. Utilize the activitiesduring sessions through use of an onsite facilitator, or you can use the activity ideas asrecommendations for the caregiver as home practice.Eye Can LearnProvides free activities and information to improve visual processing skills.Your Therapy SourceActivities, hand-outs, printables and information sheets for pediatric occupational andphysical therapists.WATIThe new Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative Development Team provides information on Assistive Technology and links to AT resources.Tools to GrowThis site offers free materials as well as a paid membership option with activities andresources to address fine motor, visual perception, self care, and more!OT School HouseThis site is created by a team of school-based OTs and provides webinars, podcasts, andoccupational therapy resources.Academy of Pediatric Physical TherapyProvides education, resources, and information about evidence-based practice forphysical therapists.American Physical Therapy AssociationSite for the APTA, includes podcasts, research, and information on ethics andprofessionalism in the field.Therapy Fun ZoneIncludes a host of therapy ideas to address range of motion, strengthening, gross motor,and gait.The Inspired TreehouseThis site is created by an OT and PT duo. It features resources and therapy ideas fordevelopment of motor skills in children.GoNoodleThis engaging and interactive site offers fun videos for movement practice to addresscoordination, body awareness, and gross motor skills. Requires a free sign up to access thematerials.

Counseling Resources

American Counseling AssociationProfessional online resource for the ACA, American Counseling AssociationAmerican School Counselor AssociationProvides professional development, research, and advocacy to professionalschool counselors.Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early LearningThis site offers materials that promote children’s social and emotional development and aimto prevent challenging behaviors.Intervention CentralProvides free resources to help struggling learners, including resources for behaviorintervention strategies.Association for Positive Behavior SupportThis site promotes research-based strategies for positive behavior supports.Therapist AidIncludes a host of free resources and worksheets to address a variety of social-emotionalissues for children and adolescents.

Games for Positive Reinforcement

FunbrainThis site contains many simple turn-taking games that can easily be incorporated intopractice/work activities during therapy sessions with younger students.Color, Draw, and PaintUtilize this page from ABCYa as a simple reinforcer or reward during sessions for students who like to draw!MathisfunAn excellent site, that despite it’s name is not just for math! Click on the Games section to discover many activities that can keep older students engaged during your therapy sessions.Animation ActivityThis fun activity can be used as a reinforcer or reward during sessions for students who liketo get creative! Be sure to watch the tutorial on the site to learn how to utilize the activity.PBSKidsThis site offers a variety of fun and educational games that can be incorporated into therapyactivities to keep students motivated throughout the session.Online SpinnerYou can customize this online spinner with various colors and values on the wheel. Thenuse with an on-screen gameboard (such as one you upload to an online whiteboard) forinteractive play. You can also use the spinner as a fun way to determine how many practicerounds a student must do during therapeutic activities.

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