Online Activity Round-Up: March 2020

Online Activity Round-Up: March 2020

boy online lessonsIn the midst of a lot of uncertainty in the world, we are focused on continuing to provide engaging online activities and therapy resources for you. Whether you want to focus on something fun and spring-themed, need some helpful resources for how to talk to your kids about COVID-19, or just need an excuse to get out of the house, we have you covered! 

Bright and cheery spring-themed online activities

Take a moment to focus on something bright and cheery with some spring-themed online therapy activities. Here are a few of our favorites:A Kid’s Heart Online GamesWe love the variety from the site “A Kid’s Heart”! Go there now and try a fun, themed word search, crossword puzzle, or game with your students. These activities are a great way to address visual motor skills such as scanning and visual discrimination. Spring Time Would You RatherHow about a kid-friendly game of “Would You Rather”?We love this for an engaging online activity to incorporate carry-over of articulation practice, fluency skills, and social language. It’s great for 1:1 sessions or groups, and older students LOVE this activity!

Talk to your students about COVID-19

Helping your students (or your own children) understand the current Coronavirus pandemic and all that is going on in the world can be really difficult and a bit confusing – for all parties involved. Check out the E-Therapy Hot Topics Forum for some online resources to help you talk to your students about COVID-19 in a positive way and on a level that they can understand. If you have a resource to share on this topic or anything else that would be useful for therapists, please share it on the forum. 

Combat cabin fever with (teddy) bear hunt

bear in the window - bear hunt activityAre your kiddos getting cabin fever? Here is a fun and safe way to get out of the house AND work on important developmental skills:   Go on a (teddy) bear hunt!  Check out this fun idea that is sweeping the nation.Your community may already be a part of the bear hunt, but if not, you can call your friends and neighbors and see if they want to participate.  Here are our E-Therapy tips for parents to complete this activity:

    • Pause the video frequently to ask questions and help your child predict what will happen next.  
    • Then parents can take a much needed opportunity to get out of the house while you drive around (or walk, if it’s safe) and look for teddy bears!  
    • Encourage your child to keep count of how many bears they find. Then help them to use descriptive words to tell about where they found all of the bears!

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