On Trend Must-Haves For Your Teletherapy Office

On Trend Must-Haves For Your Teletherapy Office

flowers next to laptopSince March, educators have been working from home. In the quick transition to remote learning, therapists did not have a chance to create the space of their dreams. In fact, the closest anyone probably got was perusing Pinterest while collapsed on the couch. Now that summer break has at last arrived, we’ve had time to think about must-haves for our teletherapy home office.There are a few things you absolutely MUST have in your office for successful sessions – computer, internet, privacy.  These are essential to doing your job as a teletherapist. But here are also a few “must-haves” that make being a teletherapist even more fun!

5 fun essentials for your teletherapy home office

Fan or HeaterOne of the big perks of working from home is that YOU get to control the temp. No more sweating in a stuffy therapy room aka broom closet, or freezing in a too cold school. You get to decide if you want it warm and toasty or cool and crisp. Have a heater or fan as needed in your office to help you get that ideal temp you dream of.Tip: Search for Electric Vintage Desk Fans on your favorite handmade marketplace.Comfy Chair or TwoGet comfy and get supported! No more plastic school chairs or worn out swivel chairs. You get to decide exactly what chair you work from (keeping it professional of course – no couches for sessions), so you can get that ultra-chic chair or that extra back support. And while you’re at it, you might even get a comfy lounger or chair to slip into when you sneak in a coffee break or type up some reports.Tip: Search for Ergonomic Office Chair on your favorite furniture site.ritual tree soy candlesCandle or Essential OilsOne of the best things – you can make your office smell cozy or energizing or refreshing – however you want it to be to help you get the most out of your day. No worries about co-workers or student’s allergies or rules against candle flames. Pick a scent, light a candle, diffuse some essential oils or heat up some wax melts and enjoy the aromas of your choice.Tip: Search for handmade soy candle shop on Etsy.Coaster for Your Coffee – or a full on coffee station!One of the best parts about working from your own home is the access to yummy coffee, water, snacks, etc. Since you are bound to be using your favorite mug for your daily cup (or 5) of motivation, make sure to have a place in your office to leave it.Get a coaster for your desk to keep it nice and nearby, or better yet, get a full on drink station out of sight! And remember to hydrate with some water nearby as well 🙂Tip: Search locally for Artisian Coffee and support a small business.Inspiration on DisplaySince it is your office, fill it with things that inspire you and keep you motivated and connected to the work you are doing. Hang up some inspirational posters or create a vision board. Have pics of your family on your desk or hanging on your walls. Or even have some of your favorite quotes and sayings displayed. And if your license and certification fill you with pride, display those as well. Just remember, if they aren’t something that should be included for your sessions and students, make sure to keep them in your eyeline and off camera.Tip: Ask your students to send you a picture they drew themselves.Have fun with creating your home office and make it one that inspires you to continue the amazing work you do for your students each and every day.Want to learn even more about teletherapy? Reach out to us here: Become an E-Therapist

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