Integrate Teletherapy As Part Of An Overall School Plan

Integrate Teletherapy As Part Of An Overall School Plan

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School administrators are ready to integrate teletherapy as part of an overall plan to provide comprehensive special education and mental health services

Due to the pandemic, educators, school districts, students, and parents across the country were catapulted into remote learning. They learned on the fly, adjusted, and re-adjusted. This thrust into remote learning also revealed technology resource inequities among our families. In addition, some parents, students, and educators began to see remote learning and teletherapy services as an opportunity to reach and motivate students in different ways. Education delivery models are changing and evolving. School may never feel or look the way it did prior to the pandemic. More families and students of varying age levels will seek remote options. Forward thinking districts are anticipating and preparing for these options as we speak. 

What will education look like in the fall? 

  • Will class sizes remain smaller due to public health guidelines or to address documented learning loss
  • Will districts be able to determine the learning loss for the Covid Generation and provide initiatives to address documented academic losses?
  • How will schools address the mental health needs of their students and community?
  • Will schools offer remote options for students who are hospitalized,  medically homebound, incarcerated, suspended from school, or prefer to learn from home?
  • What will professional development and curriculum look like and sound like for educators?

How can forward thinking administrators, teachers, and schools lead the way? 

  • Make informed decisions. Use data to help drive decisions- both derived and observational.
  • Communicate directly with families and teachers.   Tell about the positives of remote education and teletherapy services, but be up front about unexpected negatives, as well.
  • Use the previous year’s experiences. You have valuable baseline data to create programs that incorporate remote education, special education services, and mental health services via teletherapy.
  • Don’t got it alone. Partner with neighboring districts, join consortiums, or apply for grants that provide opportunities to build an effective education delivery model for remote learning and teletherapy.

What is the solution? E-Therapy is ready today and for the future

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E-Therapy provides Direct Related Services to school across the USA

Schools often need professional and experienced remote staff to cover different scenerios. E-Therapy can help with:

  • Student case overloads
  • ESY
  • Compensatory services
  • Staff maternity or medical leaves
  • Provider shortages

Integrate teletherapy into your overall school plan. Sign up with E-Therapy and use our experienced, credentialed remote SLP, OT, PT, BCBA, Ed Psych, Social Work, Counseling, Recreational Therapy, and Mental Health professionals when you need them.

Manage your direct services with eSMART Teletherapy Platform

Special education teams, related services, and mental health providers need tools to do their jobs. We built our business on our easy, affordable, and powerful documentation solution for ALL your needs, not just speech therapy.Use E-Therapy’s eSMART Teletherapy Platform to document ALL services, view and track goal progress, view and track timestamped student and therapist session logins, run session summary PDF reports, and view provider scheduled sessions at any time.When you license our eSMART Teletherapy Platform, you get an all-inclusive HIPAA and FERPA compliant system. Your team can provide remote services that include an elegant system for documentation with Zoom access.At E-Therapy, providing ongoing and personalized professional development and customer service is a part of everything we do. When therapists and educators feel successful and prepared, then children show more progress. Our number one goal has always been to help children to be successful. 

Get ready to integrate teletherapy, a forward thinking educational solution!

Please contact E-Therapy and let us help you integrate teletherapy into your plan for fall. We can help with staffing, professional development, and support! 

Derek Vogel

Derek Vogel is a highly experienced and results-driven leader, currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of E-Therapy. With over 15 years of experience in executive leadership, he has a proven track record of driving business growth and success. He is skilled in business development, organizational strategy, and employee engagement and has a reputation for designing effective strategies that have consistently yielded significant increases in revenue and cost savings. He has successfully managed businesses ranging from $10M to $100M+ in annual revenue, and has experience in leading organizations through post-acquisition integration processes. Prior to joining E-Therapy, Derek was the President of AMN Healthcare’s Education Healthcare Staffing business, where he provided on-site and virtual solutions for students in need of therapy services. He is known for mentoring and developing his team members and inspiring a sense of pride and ownership in the collective success of the organization.