How to Create a Morning Routine as a Teletherapist  

How to Create a Morning Routine as a Teletherapist  

morning routine as a teletherapistWhen working from home as a teletherapist, it is easy to slip into a pattern of jumping right out of bed, getting yourself presentable, and running to your round of sessions in a short amount of time. The lack of a commute from your room to your office can sometimes make it very tempting to keep your morning routine small and minimal. But, even when you work from home, having a solid morning routine as a teletherapist is essential to having the most effective and enjoyable work day. 

Why setting a morning routine is important to teletherapists

A morning routine is something that helps you set your intention for your day, as well as prepare you for the work day ahead. This type of routine is part of your self-care practice and it sets you up for a more organized, easier work day, no matter how difficult the sessions or packed your day may be. It also gives you a little time to breathe and see how you are doing that day, so you know what to expect from yourself before you enter into your work. 

How to create a morning routine as a teletherapist

Set up your day with a moment of self-care

Self-care is a practice of checking in and seeing how you are doing that day, so you are better able to meet your own needs in order to meet the needs of those you serve. Take a few moments before you begin your day to do something meaningful that allows you to check in with yourself that day.  Some activities you might choose from could be 

  • Writing in a journal to set your intention for the day
  • Stretching or going for a walk to help you move before you sit at your computer 
  • Sipping a cup of coffee or tea quietly before anyone else wakes up or you log in for sessions
  • Reading a book or article to take a few moments to learn something new

Nourish your body with breakfast

Before you head into your office, make sure to eat something. Nourishing your body and brain will help you to stay focused and have enough energy to get through your sessions, no matter how energetic your students are that day.  

Do these things before logging in to the STAR Platform

You can also use your morning routine to help prepare you for your actual work day. This will help you to be more efficient, with less lag time in between and during sessions. 

  1. Check your schedule and sessions for the morning before you log in. Make sure you have some time to review your schedule and your upcoming sessions, so you know what to expect and prepare for each day. This will help you to prepare the materials, but also mentally prepare for the work ahead. 
  2. Open up tabs for those sessions. Go ahead and open up the tabs and digital activities you need for each session on your computer. This way, you have them ready to go as soon as your student logs in. This will maximize your therapy time and keep you from stressing in between sessions about what activity to open, especially if a particular site isn’t working that day. 
  3. Prepare yourself some coffee/water/snacks. Another great tip – have some snacks and drinks nearby to munch on throughout your morning. Even though your kitchen is nearby, this will make it easier to grab something quickly between sessions, and it keeps you feeling energized and ready to work with your students. 

 Your morning routine doesn’t have to take a ton of time and can be a game-changer for you as a therapist. Creating a morning routine as a teletherapist sets you up for a more productive, effective and enjoyable day all around! Interested in joining our teletherapy team? Sign up now to join our community of therapists.Want even more about Mental Health for you AND your students? Make sure to save yourself a seat in our upcoming webinar!

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