How Teletherapy Benefits Students and Schools

How Teletherapy Benefits Students and Schools

student in teletherapy thrivingTeletherapy can be a wonderful way to connect to new faces and places as a therapist, and for schools it can help you provide all of your students the services they need.

Benefits of teletherapy for Students

Smaller groups sizes or individual sessions

For any students, working in a small group or individually for therapy is a big change – and often in a good way. They get one-on-one time with an adult who is there to help them learn and grow, and they get to focus on what THEY are interested in (games, videos, stories, etc) for a small part of their day.If they are in a group, it is usually smaller, so there is more time to dedicate to each students needs and goals.

Student love computers

Many students only get to “play” on computers or watch videos as a treat. So when they come to therapy and this is what you do for your session, they fully enjoy it!Students are also able to offer suggestions for games and activities they love to use, that may help them to reach their goals.

Get to share interests in sessions

Technology is everywhere and students are so engaged in it. By being part of that world, they are able to share with you their interests and computer skills, which can help them feel more involved and engaged in working towards their therapy goals.

Benefits of teletherapy for schools

Reach schools that have a difficult time staffing

Many rural schools and inner city schools have a difficult time finding staff, due to long commutes, no space for classrooms, etc. Having a virtual therapist means they can often cut down on the costs of staffing another room, give everyone more space, and have all students needs met.

Virtual students can attend therapy, too

For virtual schools, there is no building to attend school, so it can be difficult to provide all services for the students. With teletherapy, all students, no matter where they are, can get the services they are required to have.Whether you are a school, student or therapist looking to pursue teletherapy, there are so many benefits and ways that it can work for you and those you work with!

Want to get started in Teletherapy?

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