Free Webinar: What Therapists Need to Know to Get Started in Teletherapy

Free Webinar: What Therapists Need to Know to Get Started in Teletherapy

Many school therapists have made the switch to online therapy – or teletherapy – this year. Some therapists have started the school year on-site but because of the threat of quarantine due to Covid-19 outbreaks in classes or schools, they need to be prepared to move to virtual sessions quickly. E-Therapy’s designed their free on-demand webinar, Telepractice: What Therapists Need to Know to Get Started!, for school speech language pathologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. It’s also perfect for therapists considering leaving the school system to work exclusively online, for example if you want to become a therapist with E-Therapy.E-Therapy’s founder, Diana Parafiniuk, presents a free on-demand webinar that answers many of your questions about telepractice and how to provide teletherapy services. Telepractice: What Therapists Need to Know to Get Started! will show you how to structure and implement a telepractice model, including several real life, practical examples for online therapy sessions. This webinar is a great knowledge base to be successful in online therapy!Telepractice: What Therapists Need to Know to Get Started! answers the following questions:

  • Is the tech set up really complicated for telepractice?
  • Do students respond well to online therapy, and do they make as much progress as in on-site therapy?
  • Am I able to complete various responsibilities via telepractice like attending IEP meetings, administering assessments and evaluations, etc?
  • What kinds of activities can I use in online sessions, and where do I find them? 

Sign up for the free on-demand webinar Telepractice: What Therapists Need to Know to Get Started! Professional development hours, such as this course, can often be applied to various certification requirements. You will need to keep a record of your certificate and check with your particular licensing board for more details about your specific continuing education needs.

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