ezBELL: E-Therapy’s Newest Feature For Schools

ezBELL: E-Therapy’s Newest Feature For Schools

ring the ezBELL for immediate assistance when you need teletherapists

Ring the ezBELL to quickly notify E-Therapy’s staffing manager when you need SLPs, OTs, PTs, or Mental Health professionals.

Have you ever discovered a product or service that you didn’t know you needed? Now, you can’t imagine life without it? Well, it’s here- a feature that schools have been waiting for but didn’t know you needed!

Introducing our new ezBELL!

E-Therapy’s ezBELL is now live on the E-Therapy website, and we couldn’t be more excited to let you in on this little service bell that we designed with you in mind. Our ezBELL is a handy little Chrome extension that will make your life easier when you are in need of our help, services, or even therapists like Speech Language Pathologists or School Counselors. Want to learn more? We will give you all the information you need to get started. 

Ring our ezBELL for immediate teletherapy services!

It came to us one day that we needed a feature on our website that easily allows school personnel to ring our “bell” for immediate assistance or services. So we created an extension that is called the ezBELL to address your last minute teletherapy needs for your school. Your students won’t miss a session when you ring our ezBELL. We know that during this challenging year that you need a teletherapy company you can rely on, and that is hands down E-Therapy. We provide direct services, compensatory time services, licensing of our platform for assessments and diagnostics, and clinical staff to help you out when you are in a bind. Once the ezBELL is rang on your end – our dedicated team will contact you and help determine what services you need from us. It is easy, seamless, and you can tap into our national team of certified clinicians when you need them. Once we determine what services you need, our platform or both- we can set you up in hours through our platform and you will receive instructions on how to download the ezBELL Chrome extension in case you need to ring us again. The best part is that the ezBELL is completely free and unobtrusive but always just a click away. We hope you love it as much as we had fun creating it. Learn more about E-Therapy’s ezBELL for Chrome.

Derek Vogel

Derek Vogel is a highly experienced and results-driven leader, currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of E-Therapy. With over 15 years of experience in executive leadership, he has a proven track record of driving business growth and success. He is skilled in business development, organizational strategy, and employee engagement and has a reputation for designing effective strategies that have consistently yielded significant increases in revenue and cost savings. He has successfully managed businesses ranging from $10M to $100M+ in annual revenue, and has experience in leading organizations through post-acquisition integration processes. Prior to joining E-Therapy, Derek was the President of AMN Healthcare’s Education Healthcare Staffing business, where he provided on-site and virtual solutions for students in need of therapy services. He is known for mentoring and developing his team members and inspiring a sense of pride and ownership in the collective success of the organization.