Easy Set Up For Your Virtual Physical Therapy Space

Easy Set Up For Your Virtual Physical Therapy Space

at home set up for physical therapy spaceWhile working from home is new to many people, E-Therapy’s teletherapists have been holding online sessions with special education students for more than 12 years. It may be easy to envision virtual speech therapy, but what about virtual physical therapy? E-Therapy online Physical Therapist, Kelsey Riley, shares her recommendations for equipment, materials, and office set up for a functional, low maintenance virtual physical therapy space.

How to set up your virtual physical therapy space 

at home physical therapy office space

E-Therapy PT, Kelsey Riley, keeps her space minimal for virtual physical therapy

According to Riley, there are only a few essentials to set up a virtual physical therapy space. As with all distance learning, you start with a good internet connection and a working computer. (See more tech tips here.) Here are some other things PTs need:

  • Space! Have enough room to stand up and move. 
  • Good lighting so the student and therapist can see each other clearly. 
  • Webcam that can be adjusted/tipped to better demonstrate exercises.
  • Simple, minimal environment, so that students can be focused with few distractions.
  • Have equipment organized and ready to use.

Easy to find equipment 

at home physical therapy office space

PT Kelsey Riley’s home office set up

Physical therapy can often be successful using easy to find materials. PTs will share with parents what is required. Here is a list of things that Riley uses regularly with her remote students.

  • Painter’s tape to make a balance beam, hopscotch grid, or targets on the floor to practice jumping to/from.
  • Step stool for step-ups, stair practice, and other PT leg exercises.
  • Chair for sit-to-stand exercises and practicing transfers such as moving in or out of a wheelchair.
  • Empty paper towel tubes to kick for single leg stance practice or to use as bowling pins.
  • Yoga mat/rug/blanket for floor exercises such as yoga poses and core strength/endurance practice or to fold into a balance beam.

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