E-Therapy Helps Schools Provide Related Services and Maintain Compliance During Covid-19

E-Therapy Helps Schools Provide Related Services and Maintain Compliance During Covid-19

 remote learning due to school closures 

E-Therapy supports related services and helps schools maintain compliance during distance learning because of the coronavirus.

Are you ready?

Here’s what is happening now…COVID-19 has prompted school closures across the country, districts have had to figure out how to serve their students effectively with distance learning.  Schools are working fast to move their classes online and ensure their homebound students receive the required related services. Administrators are looking for answers. One of the questions is how will the 2020-21 school year look?

School’s most vulnerable students

Students who have IEPs are especially vulnerable to regression during this extended school closure time, as they rely on related services to support their mental health, language processing, fine motor/gross motor skills, and academic accommodations that allow them to succeed in the classroom. Many school administrators are asking how they can serve these students, as well as how to stay in compliance during this uncertain time.We understand that with school closure, keeping up with special education related service goals are top of mind. At E-Therapy we are here to support your students’ services and do everything in our power to help students thrive while they are at home during this shared national crisis.

E-Therapy is ready to help you move your therapists online

E-Therapy has provided online special education related services to students for more than 11 years. We can easily provide therapy services online for your district’s schools during school closures. E-Therapy can do the heavy lifting, while administrators focus on the many moving pieces for all students. We can do these things for you… 

  • Provide direct and indirect therapy services.That includes:
    • Speech therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Mental Health and Counseling
  • Train in-house staff quickly so they can continue to provide services
  • Provide a secure platform for your students to access therapy sessions
  • Track all the services your students receive while at home 

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Ways E-Therapy can help your school

E-Therapy can provide your students related services

If you want a seamless, easy-to-adopt solution, that addresses your needs now, E-Therapy platform provides all your students online related services during school closures. Within a matter of days, our E-Therapy team will quickly onboard your students and therapists to ensure that your students do not fall behind. They will meet their IEP and compliance minutes for the remainder of the year.  Our E-Therapy solution provides you with expertise, experience and excellent remote communication.

License our platform for your therapists

E-Therapy can license our platform out to schools and train teachers, students, and administrators on how to use our HIPAA compliant secure login video platform, as well as, our proprietary Session Tracking and Reporting System (STAR). Sounds like a mouth full, but it’s super easy – and way better than Zoom or other programs meant for business video conferencing.Our STAR system tracks therapy in real-time to ensure that your students are receiving therapy and meeting their IEP goals. Here’s the huge thing:E-Therapy will train your in-house therapists on STAR so they can be ready to login and meet their students online super fast. We also offer online resources for providing therapy to make it easier for your therapists to ramp up quickly.  

Meet federal and state compliance requirements

While the world adapts to this new reality, we want districts to know they have the support they need when using E-Therapy. We are able to help navigate the sudden changes that everyone is experiencing right now, and still provide your students related services.  Our goal is to support schools and help them meet all federal and state compliance requirements. We want to ensure that every student continues to get the necessary services they need. In order to succeed and thrive in this remote school setting, E-Therapy can be your online related service provider. 

Are you experiencing a school closure due to COVID-19?

Contact us to learn more about implementing E-Therapy in your school 

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