Coronavirus Special Education Resources For Administrators, Educators, And Parents

Coronavirus Special Education Resources For Administrators, Educators, And Parents

hands holding heartWith school openings quickly evolving into blended learning approaches, we are hearing from educators in Special Education that there are still many details and logistics up in the air.  There are requests for things like online diagnostics, assessments, online training, and more.  E-Therapy understands that this a time of extreme hardship for school districts, administrators, superintendents, and educators.  To help you, we have put together a list of resources for our partners in the Special Education space here on our E-Therapy blog.  Please check out the following list of helpful links to resources specific to Special Educators and parents of children with special needs.  Whether it is staying compliant or having access to activities to get parents more involved in distance learning check out these sites for everything that you are wanting to know.  

  • The National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools, NCSECS, offers a great list of articles, webinars and educational platform insights for special education. Check out: Tips for Helping Your Child Learn at Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak
  • The Educating All Learners Alliance (EALA) organization has put together a curated list of resources in the form of articles on topics ranging from taking care of young ones who are online for classes, to helping children with a stutter get through a zoom therapy session.Check out: Navigating COVID-19 When Your Child/Youth has a Disability.  
  • Metrokids, an organization based in the East Coast has a special resource page for parents of children with special needs during school closure for Coronavirus.  It offers useful fact sheets and compliance information for parents.
  • The National Disability Rights Network is hosting a resource page for administrators with links for parents as well that covers everything from going to virtual learning to equity for children with special needs during Covid-19.
  • The Department of Education has a comprehensive list of Covid resources for the special education audience on their website for administrators, superintendents.  It delves into all new government updates as well as guidance on IEP’s and school calendars for the year.
  • is offering tutoring for students K-12 FREE right now during school closures and Covid interruptions. Check pricing for unlimited tutoring.

  • NewSchools Venture Fund, a non-profit philanthropy organization, is offering a free google list of resources for home learning.  This is for all ages and is not special education focused, but a darn good list!

We know there are many more great sites out there, and that each state of education has a page of resources tailored to your state, that are not on this list, and again we will add them here if we hear from you with other great resources.  We are here to support you so please let us know if there are others you would like us to include. We will certainly keep updating this list! Please share with your communities!

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