Compensatory Time

Compensatory Time

We know, we understand and we get how hard the start of the school year has been. This weird matrix of time during COVID over the last year has been extremely challenging and nobody has been hit harder than those in the education industry. E-Therapy is right there with you and here to extend a hand to help out your school or district. Related lost service time is still being made up for the year before, so pushing it back even further will result in more hours needing to be made up. This sounds like a headache and a backlog of services that may never get caught up on. 

How Can E-Therapy Help? 

 Even though it is up to the district IEP team to calculate comp time, who needs services, and how to provide those. What makes it even more difficult is that each student’s compensatory time will look different, so it is up to the school SPED team to determine the next steps for each student. There are several factors to consider, but E-Therapy can help.E-Therapy has a wide variety of services that can help your school and ultimately your students make up for lost services. E-Therapy can provide you with therapists that can keep your school complainant during this overwhelming time. E-Therapy provides certified speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, school psychs, and more.E-Therapy is an industry leader in providing quality, credentialed therapists that can provide therapy sessions to the mass amount of students that are in need. Parents, staff, and students will thank you for bringing on extra help to make up related services. Don’t let students fall more behind, it is imperative that services are provided and sessions are made up. Nobody knows this better than you as a school administrator. 

What E-Therapy Brings To The Table! 

E-Therapy is known for exceptional customer service, you will see that as soon as you sign on with us. We also can provide swift onboarding and face-to-face support to make sure your school is compliant with your state’s standards. Our HIPAA-compliant private online therapy rooms are easy to log in to and to use. Our Teletherapy solution data tracks therapy in real-time to ensure that your students are receiving services and meeting their IEP goals. Administrators can take a look at pre-session, in-session, and post-session tracking. 

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Derek Vogel

Derek Vogel is a highly experienced and results-driven leader, currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of E-Therapy. With over 15 years of experience in executive leadership, he has a proven track record of driving business growth and success. He is skilled in business development, organizational strategy, and employee engagement and has a reputation for designing effective strategies that have consistently yielded significant increases in revenue and cost savings. He has successfully managed businesses ranging from $10M to $100M+ in annual revenue, and has experience in leading organizations through post-acquisition integration processes. Prior to joining E-Therapy, Derek was the President of AMN Healthcare’s Education Healthcare Staffing business, where he provided on-site and virtual solutions for students in need of therapy services. He is known for mentoring and developing his team members and inspiring a sense of pride and ownership in the collective success of the organization.