E-Therapy Teletherapists are Doing Bright Things in 2020

E-Therapy Teletherapists are Doing Bright Things in 2020

This week we celebrated MLK Day 2020, and using that as our inspiration, we want to talk about dreams. Dreams are the things that can move us forward, give us hope and make the world a better place. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said,

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”

Teletherapy facilitates a breakthrough for a student with chronic absenteeism

In 2020, we have set our intention to continue the growth and work that E-Therapy accomplished in 2019, and expand upon it to help our students gain even more success.  Here’s a story of a high school student who recently made a breakthrough because of teletherapy.

“I had a student (9th grade, first year in online school) pass 6 of his classes this semester and make an A in History. He was really excited and could hardly believe it (he usually fails all of his classes).

This is a student who had major attendance issues in his previous school and when he first started with us this year, but he has turned it around, increased his attendance since late October, and is doing really well. He has taken ownership of his school work and is really proud of himself.”

– Daniel, LSSP

Our students have dreams that teletherapy can fulfill

The students we work with, no matter what age or ability, have big dreams for their futures. It is the dream of our students to be able to learn, to be heard, to communicate, to participate, to move, to feel safe, and to thrive in life. Sometimes a seemingly simple thing can make all the difference, as illustrated by this story about a young teletherapy student.

“I had a student who was so proud of his success with the /r/. He had been working for years with other therapists and he finally understood the correct positioning and is successfully using the /r/ in words and sentences!”

– Melissa, SLP

E-Therapy fulfills therapists dreams

At E-Therapy, it is our dream to help make that happen and it brings us so much joy when it does. Our therapists, from all disciplines, work with the schools, educators and parents, as a team, to help students shoot for their dreams and reach for their goals. It is in working together that dreams can come true and students can feel successful.  

“This is my first experience providing PT services over a teletherapy platform. I was not really sure what to expect given the “hands on” nature of my profession. I have been able to establish a connection with a student that I have had to work really hard for. He is not thrilled about PT (as many of my patients feel); however, over the last month he has been able to increase his ROM, increase his repetitions of therapeutic exercise, and has required decreased rest breaks. However, the best part of our sessions have been the smiles and laughter that I thought I might never observe during our sessions.”

– René, PT

There are bright things ahead for our students, schools, and therapists, and we are so excited for all this year has in store!E-Therapy strives to deliver the highest excellence in teletherapy solutions to schools and students throughout the United States with passion, experience, reliability and smarts. We are here to be your extended team and help you be the superheroes that you need to be every day at school. Services include live face-to-face online Speech-LanguageOccupational, and Physical Therapy as well as Mental Health/Counseling/Social Work and Assessments/Diagnostics.To learn more about how teletherapy can benefit your school district click to set up a DEMO.Sign up to join E-Therapy: Get started as a teletherapist

Derek Vogel

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