Avoid The Pitfalls Of Video Conferencing Technology

Avoid The Pitfalls Of Video Conferencing Technology

student distance learning teletherapySince teletherapy and distance learning have become mainstream due to the novel coronavirus, teleconferencing technology has been broadly adopted by schools for live, online therapy sessions. There have been both good and bad headlines on this topic. In this post, we break down the truth around the pitfalls of video conferencing technology that is not designed with teletherapy or school related services in mind. Then we show you how it compares to our STAR teletherapy platform, which was designed specifically for schools, therapists, and students.

Why are so many schools clicking on unproven platforms for live, online therapy sessions?

In the current crisis, schools are have been forced into distance learning. Covid-19 has not allowed for research, trials, or basic guidance in most cases. As schools look for solutions, mainstream consumer video conferencing technologies from market leaders rise to the top. They are often free for schools, easy to download, and easy-to-use, so not a lot of overhead or training required.Perfect for education, right?We think that question deserves more deliberation.

What is the cause of negative news headlines for the mainstream video conference technology players?

While everyday video conferencing apps are easy to download and use, they were not designed for schools, or built with compliance and student security in mind. Because of this, they are an easy target for hackers or pranksters who are jumping in on the action.You may have heard term to “bomb” a live conference call? This is when hackers disrupt calls or appear without an invite and prank the lesson or simply listen in. Teachers have enough going on to have to worry about Peeping Toms during online classes! Unfortunately, this threat is real if they are not on a secure platform.Without proper security and a lack of HIPAA integration, the most popular and common everyday video platforms have made themselves vulnerable to security issues and pranksters. Schools need to find a new tool – one that has them in mind. The security vulnerabilities and a lack of school guidelines puts schools and their students at risk and sets back their progress.

How do platforms like E-Therapy’s STAR Teletherapy Platform keep kids safe?

When our founder, Diana Parafiniuk M.S., CCC-SLP, and her team designed the STAR Platform, they worked with schools, therapists, and students to create the best teletherapy platform to deliver speech-language, physical, occupational, and various mental health therapy services online. Rather than using basic video conferencing technology, they compiled an entire list of features and benefits that would not only make live, online therapy sessions pain free, but compliant. It’s also a breeze for special education directors and administrators to document, track, and monitor student progress along the way.Yes, we agree, consumer online solutions are easy to download and use. However, while these solutions may have an easy learning curve, especially for educators who need a fast, pain free solution – in the end, the privacy issues make it quite the opposite of “pain free.” And, while it is easy-to-use and popular with consumers and businesses, it lacks all of the things that make our platform so popular with educators.

E-Therapy’s STAR Platform is a better choice for teletherapy

E-Therapy’s STAR platform is a complete teletherapy solution for students, therapists, and school administrators.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Secure Login System
  • Individual Private Meeting Rooms
  • Secure IM Communications
  • Unlimited Sessions

We encourage schools to seek help from educational organizations or influencers when learning about their options. The E-Therapy team offers free demos and a 7 day trial to schools looking to ramp up quickly.

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