6 Essential Steps To Set Up Teletherapy For Your School

6 Essential Steps To Set Up Teletherapy For Your School

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Wondering How Long it Takes to Set Up Teletherapy Services in Your School? REALLY QUICKLY!

by Diana Parafiniuk

At E-Therapy, one of our core tenets is to go “Above and Beyond” in how we deliver teletherapy. We embrace this tenet for our partners, our students, and our therapists. Your in-house therapists will be set up on our STAR Teletherapy Platform quickly by completing our unique, 6 step school-focused onboarding process. It’s designed to eliminate the sticking points and have your special education program online. This is very useful if your school goes to a hybrid model of teaching or experiences a quick closure and therapy sessions need to move to distance learning without missing a beat.To avoid roadblocks from the back office, we simplified our contract process to be quick and seamless. Your staff could be trained within a day or two!If your school is short on therapists and you need services; we have therapists in every state – trained and ready to go! E-Therapy’s energetic, experienced team will be dedicated to your school, and ready to get started when you need them.Whether you need therapists or a secure teletherapy platform that you can trust, keep E-Therapy in your backpocket. Whatever your school needs will be in the Fall, E-Therapy has a quick onboarding system to make this happen.https://youtu.be/uZoalQmtoBAHow do we do this? We have 6 simple steps:

Job #1: Understanding your school’s special education needs

First, we spend time to understand your specific needs for your unique students. We ask questions that help us understand important things such as “What are your communication needs?” or “What are your reporting needs, formats and deadlines?” With this information, we can set up the STAR Teletherapy Platform for your school’s special education program, quickly and effectively. Or we can provide therapists, get them assigned, and ready to contact your school.

2. Simplify your contract for a quick start

Your contract is set up quickly so that whenever you are ready to go, E-Therapy is also ready. The contract can be set up in a way that enables you to hit “go” when needed and is managed completely by our E-Therapy team.Alternatively, if you don’t need services right away, we can get your contract done and your data in our system so that when the light turns green for services, you have no wait times.

3. Ready your school team for teletherapy

At the same time your contract is finalized, your team is set up. If you require staffing help, we hand pick from our expert therapists based on what we heard from you in our first engagement meeting. If your school-based therapists will be transitioning online, our onboarding team readies themselves to train your school on the STAR Teletherapy Platform.Part of the on-boarding process that will delight your team is the introduction of your E-Therapy Account Manager. This person is your go-to expert at E-Therapy that guarantees your school, your therapists, and your students get outstanding services in the most effective way possible.

4. Student profiles uploaded

As engagement begins, our Operations Team jumps in to upload your student’s pertinent data in the STAR Platform which enables your therapists to schedule meetings when the time is right. Even before the first therapy session happens, your student profiles are ready to go for your in-house therapists.If we are providing services, our expert teletherapists start planning for sessions based on the particulars of the student’s needs!

5. Set your school’s teletherapy start date with your team

Now that the contract is complete and your student profiles are ready, your E-Therapy account manager together with your school’s team lead will set a start date. Once the start date is in our system, your therapists can schedule training sessions almost immediately to ensure students experience no delay in getting services.

6. Training! Training and more training!

Schools licensing E-Therapy’s STAR Teletherapy Platform will have live training sessions with a platform expert. Your team’s confidence will grow as they transform into teletherapy pros with astonishing speed. They will learn how to use the powerful STAR tools and utilize the platform to best suit their needs.In addition to live training sessions, E-Therapy offers several ways for individuals to familiarize themselves with the platform on their own time. Video tutorials and webinar content are always available, so no matter what your team’s schedule looks like, we have you covered.

Let’s talk about your needs

At E-Therapy, we are here to answer your questions and help you better understand the benefits of working with our team. To learn more, schedule a demo and a chat today.  

Derek Vogel

Derek Vogel is a highly experienced and results-driven leader, currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of E-Therapy. With over 15 years of experience in executive leadership, he has a proven track record of driving business growth and success. He is skilled in business development, organizational strategy, and employee engagement and has a reputation for designing effective strategies that have consistently yielded significant increases in revenue and cost savings. He has successfully managed businesses ranging from $10M to $100M+ in annual revenue, and has experience in leading organizations through post-acquisition integration processes. Prior to joining E-Therapy, Derek was the President of AMN Healthcare’s Education Healthcare Staffing business, where he provided on-site and virtual solutions for students in need of therapy services. He is known for mentoring and developing his team members and inspiring a sense of pride and ownership in the collective success of the organization.