5 Must Have Features In Teletherapy Software

5 Must Have Features In Teletherapy Software

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5 Overlooked Features You Need in a Teletherapy Platform

by Diana Parafiniuk, Founder and CMO of E-Therapy

When we built our cutting edge teletherapy platform, our therapists and designers had many considerations and features to include. We made sure that whether you are an administrator, a Special Education Director, or a therapist, the features in our STAR teletherapy software would keep you on top of your game at all times. For example we asked ourselves these questions:

  • Is there an easy scheduling feature which allows therapists to efficiently schedule and/or reschedule appointments throughout the day? 
  • Searching for notes from a therapist for an IEP report can be tedious, can we design our platform to have the capability to search for session data and clinical notes easily? 
  • Does our platform allow for a team of teachers, administrators, and therapists to easily communicate with instant messaging?  

While not all platforms are built the same, E-Therapy’s STAR Platform is chock full of features to make scheduling, reporting, tracking, and monitoring student progress easy and manageable.  This article highlights some of the must have communications features that make for top notch online therapy software. When you are reviewing which platform is best suited for your school, this article will provide insights on the types of features that will improve your special education program.

1. Smart scheduling 

  • STAR allows school-based therapists to make their schedules available for students/parents to schedule their sessions on the therapist’s calendar.
  • Session Reminders Tool: When using the scheduling feature, STAR sends reminders out to students/parents about their session time and date to make sure no one forgets to meet their therapist.

2. Clinical data tracking and searching

  • When it comes to documenting session notes, and clinical reporting, a teletherapy platform should include a system for data capturing and sharing. The E-Therapy STAR Platform is designed with that in mind and enables a therapist to easily track and document student progress.
  • When it is time to track your student’s progress and get updates on sessions, school districts can easily monitor data tracking without having to hunt and peck for details.  The data is all searchable by a SPED administrator for tracking progress and evaluating sessions and therapy needs. 

3. Time-stamped session monitoring and real-time reporting

  • With time-stamped session monitoring, it is easy to see if sessions are on track or if there are delays or gaps in sessions. This makes it easy for the team to know when things are moving along smoothly and also identify gaps in service.
  • Need to pull a report on the fly?  The STAR Platform provides all relevant therapy session reports based on your search. STAR offers printable, shareable reports instantly at your fingertips. The STAR Platform does the heavy lifting so you and your team can focus on what you do best, educating your students.

4. Customizable data control

Knowing that many educator roles are using the teletherapy platform, it is important to customize the user interface and make it accessible for all users. The STAR Platform is designed with this in mind.  Administrators, Special Education Directors, and therapists enjoy the ability to organize data the way that they want to view and organize it.

5. Instant messaging system

When busy educators are sharing critical progress notes and sharing updates, it can be difficult to get everyone in the “hallway” or on the phone at the same time. The STAR Platform solves this issue with an instant messaging tool. Share messages when you need to and directly via the handy instant messaging tool in STAR. No updates or notes ever get lost and communication is a breeze.

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Derek Vogel

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