5 Fun Ways to Incorporate Learning Over Spring Break

5 Fun Ways to Incorporate Learning Over Spring Break

learning over spring breakSpring Break is coming up! This can be a great time for students to unwind and recharge after a busy few months of working hard in school. While taking a break is a must, it is also good to stay a little focused on learning in new fresh ways, to prevent any regression of skills during the break. You can help your student continue to learn over Spring Break, even with fun, non-school related activities.  As a teletherapy provider, our team of talented therapists have dozens of great learning ideas for outside of the classroom at their fingertips.  

Here are a few fun ways to incorporate learning over Spring Break:


Students LOVE Computers: 

We are all aware that being on the computer or tablet is what every kid loves to do these days. While too much screen time can be a bad thing, it can also be beneficial to your student when applied in the right way. Activities, such as those used in the classroom or teletherapy can help to promote continued learning over Spring Break. These are often on sites that students love to use, such as videos, online story sites, and educational games. Your student gets to use the computer while learning outside of the classroom environment.   

Pair a Story and Movie Together:

If your student wants to watch movies or TV shows over the break, you can pair these with books that go with them. You can read the book(s) and then watch the movie or show. You could talk about the similarities and differences between two, summarize what each was about, or simply share your favorite moments from each one. This could be a great way to spend an afternoon, or you could plan out a fun movie night.  

Create Something New:

One great way to work on learning skills, such as math, following directions and reading, is to get creative. This could be cooking or baking something delicious, where you have to work on measuring, reading ingredients, and following the steps in order. You could also do an art project, where you work on these same skills, but craft a piece of artwork together using numbers or fractions, depending on their level of learning.  

Get Up and Move:

Movement can be a great way to learn! It helps students to stay engaged, and often gets them away from activities that keep their brain disengaged, like mindless TV watching or video game playing. It also helps support language skills, such as following directions, and physical development, like fine and gross motor skills. Head out to your backyard, go on a walk, or find a fun in- or outdoor playground to climb on.  

Take a Field Trip!

Just because you are out of school, it doesn’t mean you have to stay home the entire time. Head out to a fun museum, park or library for a “field trip” day. You can explore the location, discuss its purpose and what you might find there. Then when you arrive, you can talk about what you want to visit, what things you see and share your favorite part. This can be a great way to share an educational experience that is exciting and fun.  Spring Break is definitely a time for your student to unwind and recharge after working so hard for so long. With a few of these tips, your student is bound to have an enjoyable Spring Break while continuing to learn and grow. If you are looking to prevent regression in your student, give some of these tips a try. 

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