2021 New Mental Health Ideas For Your School Staff

2021 New Mental Health Ideas For Your School Staff

Challenging, trying, fatigue, and hardship are just a few of the words to describe 2020! However, 2021 is here, and we can use all the resources available to help reset our minds and go into 2021 with a revived attitude and presence. We have compiled some great mental health ideas to help your staff and students take a break from the mundane day-to-day tasks and start to enjoy life again. 

Organize a mental health learning day 

Is your staff tired, stressed, and needs a break from the day-to-day? Well, we have an idea! Organize a day for your staff to take a break and relax. Use local companies to come in and give your staff a break on their next in-service day! Ask local companies to donate their time to the school. Have local restaurants drop off breakfast and lunch then ask local businesses like massage therapists to come in and give chair massages. You can break out in the gym or each classroom has a different local company. What better way to treat your staff than giving them food, massages, yoga and meditation lessons, or even have a local doctor come in to talk about ideas to create a healthy mind. 

Create an ‘Appreciation’ bulletin board

This is fun and easy to do! Create an appreciation bulletin board in a secure area such as the teacher’s break room or by the principal’s office. Decorate the bulletin board and each month acknowledge a different staff member with the whole board decorated with their images, quotes, and fun facts about that teacher/staff member. The teacher can also be awarded a gift certificate to a local place to unwind. Contact local businesses again and they will be glad to donate. It would also be great to fill a basket with items such as bath salts, face masks, candles, a meditative book to read, or any items you think are related to helping that teacher de-stress. 

Promote well-being in your school 

Create an environment in your school where teachers/staff members feel comfortable. For example- organize an after-school workout class. Make it fun and inviting and more staff will come. Maybe make it a fun day by having the teachers dress in their best workout gear (80’s or 90’s style) and take advantage of free local classes. After the class invite everyone to a healthy restaurant for snacks to celebrate. Not everyone will come to the class and some may feel uncomfortable and that’s ok. You can switch up the activities you are doing and maybe more will join in. Also, if the students see you having fun doing challenging things- the more likely they will do the same! For more ideas and resources please follow us on Facebook.

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