November 2022 Activities & Calendar

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Thankfulness, gratitude, and maybe a turkey or two – that’s what the teletherapy experts at E-Therapy have cooked up for you this month. Read on to uncover all the November resources that are sure to make you thankful you stopped by this month’s resource roundup.  

Gratitude Movement Break Tree

E-Therapy’s Gratitude Movement Break Tree interactive Jamboard activity can be used in your remote or in-person sessions. Have students select a leaf number, say something they’re grateful for, and then allow them to resize and rotate the selected leaf to fill the fall gratitude tree. But that’s not all because under each leaf is a movement break activity for the student to complete. Movement and gratitude all in one activity – the perfect combination for therapy fun.  

Thanksgiving Memory Match

Thanksgiving Memory Match is designed to be an open ended activity that could be used for a variety of therapies and goals. This PowerPoint activity does require you to share your screen with students during teletherapy sessions or can also be used onsite with an iPad and the PowerPoint app. Find matches for Thanksgiving fall favorites such as pumpkin pie and horn of plenty or try the extra tricky turkey memory match level. Get your match on today! 

Turkey Tail Feathers Activity

This turkey needs more tail feathers! Our interactive Turkey Tail Feathers Activity will allow you to focus on receptive and expressive language skills such as identifying, describing, and categorizing while creating the turkey’s tail. After answering a question correctly, have the student locate a feather, click, rotate, and drag it to the turkey’s tail area. This activity can be used with remote service provision as a Jamboard activity or print it out for use in a brick-and-mortar setting. 

Self-Gratitude Journaling

November is the perfect month to celebrate gratitude in all forms. Focusing on what we are thankful for can be amazing for our physical and mental health. Oftentimes, we forget to show gratitude to ourselves and all the amazing things about us. Use  E-Therapy’s Self-Gratitude Journaling activity to encourage self-compassion and self-discovery by honoring who you are. 

Creating a Self-Compassion Mantra

Self-compassion is about being as kind to yourself as you would be to a friend. It can bechallenging for many people. Developing a self-compassion mantra can help enhance your positive self-talk. Use E-Therapy’s Creating a Self-Compassion Mantra activity today to develop your very own self-compassion mantra. 

November Bitmoji Classroom

Visit our November Bitmoji Classroom with 9 embedded activity links that you can use in your remote or in-person therapy sessions that are geared towards the spirit of this month of thankfulness. Have more activities you’d like to link? You’ll be creating your very own copy with our download, so feel free to add more activity links to this November virtual classroom.

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