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External Resources

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Telepractice Information

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

ASHA is the national professional, scientific, and credentialing association for speech-language pathologists.

American Physical Therapy Association

APTA information on the use of telepractice to provide physical therapy services.

American Occupational Therapy Association

Resources and professional guidance for telepractice and occupational therapy.

American Psychological Association

Research on the efficacy of telepractice and mental health services.

Speech and Language


Educational games and resources. A free or premium membership is required.

Home Speech Home

Free and paid speech and language resources.

Mommy Speech Therapy

ASHA Practice Portal

Resources for ASHA members.

ASHA Reference for Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia resources for ASHA members

Speech is Beautiful

Blog with links to free and paid speech and language resources.


Blog with links to free and paid resources for bilingual speech and language professionals.


Online educational interactive content, with hundreds of free games, books & videos for kids of all ages


High quality games for preschool and elementary schoolers featuring popular characters


Variety of educational and interactive games


Games that appeal more to older students including Minecraft, racing games, and many classic board and card games

Jeopardy Labs

Play pre-made Jeopardy games searchable by theme or create your own.

National Geographic Kids

Educational games sorted by grade such as reading comprehension and grammar games. Free teacher membership


Educational games sorted by grade such as reading comprehension and grammar games. Free teacher membership

Epic Books

Access to hundreds of online books for all ages. Free sign-up for educators.

Pink Cat Games

Teaching games for kids and many customized speech and language activities.

Practical AAC

Virtual activities for AAC users.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Teaching Strategies

Social skills activities for children with Autism.

Autism Speaks

Virtual activities by category for children with Autism

Autistic Hub

Free online games for all ages.

Sensory Kid

Educational and sensory friendly online games and activities for kids.

Lighthouse Autism Center

Variety of games and activities for children with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders.

Therapist Neurodiversity Collective

Neurodiversity educational resources for families, therapists, and educators.

Occupational Therapy

The OT Toolbox

Virtual OT activities for all ages.

Growing Little Brains

Ideas and activities for virtual OT.

The Virtual Pediatric OT

Sensory processing activities for children.

Tools to Grow

Many free printable activities for school age students. Users will need to create and account.

Twisty Noodle

Free printable activities for a variety of ages and skills.

Therapy Street for Kids

This site offers descriptions of various OT skills and recommended activities, including ideas for home practice.

OT Mom Learning Activities

Free printables and therapy activity ideas in English and Spainish.

Growing Hands On Kids

Site filled with tips, tools, strategies, and digital downloads.

Physical Therapy

Coordination and Motor Skills Chart

Lists physical skills that are expected to be developed from birth to teenage years

Pediatric Norms for Core Strength

Site povides normative data on strength skills such as supine flexion and prone extension for children.

Therapy Fun Zone

Includes a host of therapy ideas to address range of motion, strengthening, gross motor, and gait.

The Inspired Treehouse

This site is created by an OT and PT duo. It features resources and therapy ideas for development of motor skills in children.

Your Therapy Source

Activities, hand-outs, printables, and information sheets for pediatric occupational and physical therapists

Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative Development Team (WATI)

Provides information on Assistive Technology and links to AT resources.


This engaging and interactive site offers fun videos for movement practice to address coordination, body awareness, and gross motor skills.

Hand Clapping Games

This site provides written and video instructions for various hand clapping games that can be used for practice with coordination, memory, and motor planning skills.

Counseling/Social Work

Shannon Maree Teaching

Virtual activities and ideas for Social-Emotional Learning


Virtual activities and ideas for Social-Emotional Learning

Common Sense Education

Virtual activities and ideas for Middle School Students with a focus on digital life


95 different activities for Social-Emotional Learning

Therapist Aid

Free and paid resources and worksheets to address a variety of social-emotional issues for children and adolescents.

Association for Positive Behavior Support

This site promotes research-based strategies for positive behavior supports.

Intervention Central

Provides free resources to help struggling learners, including resources for behavior intervention strategies.

Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

This site offers materials that promote children's social and emotional development and aim to prevent challenging behaviors..

Make Beliefs Comics

Utilize this interactive comic strip creator to address the ability to understand and predict the thoughts/feelings/opinions of others.

Problem Solving Scenarios

This list of tricky scenarios can be used to target development of problem solving and social skills with students.

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